What is the Worst Thing About Our Educational System?

What is the worst thing about our educational system, according to you? What do you think is the most ineffective aspect of the education system? Listed below are a few of them. Sadly, most schools do not follow this principle. Children are forced to sit in desks, and learning is done in rigid periods governed by bells. This method is not suited for children who are struggling academically, and teachers take their frustrations out on their students.

First, our education system rewards blind obedience to rules and regulations. We have lowered the standards of learning, and our children are punished for making mistakes. This is not humane. In fact, being graded constantly paralyzes students. In school, it is almost impossible to make a mistake, since grades reward blindly following the rules, and doing everything exactly as the teacher says. This is not the most valuable thing a child can learn.

Next, the American educational system is outdated. It was designed for the industrial revolution and did not meet the needs of the growing, connected, hyper-connected society. It is not fit for today’s hyper-connected society. And while many critics are expressing their disapproval, there are also countless advocates of improving the educational system. Listed below are 18 problems with the US educational system. You may find one of them in your area.

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