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What Is Social Media Customer Support?

You may have asked yourself: What is social media customer support? It is a gray area between email and live chat support. But there are some things you should remember when responding to social media customers. Here are some ways to handle frustration in a social environment. It is better to respond to your customers directly than to ignore them or worse, rebuff them. But be aware that social media customer support isn’t a substitute for email support.

One of the most popular platforms for social customer support is WhatsApp. With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users and 60 billion messages shared daily, it’s no wonder the messaging app is a popular customer support channel. What’s more, it has a business app that lets you interact with your customers directly. Hellman’s mayonnaise brand, for example, wanted to encourage Brazilians to use the product more. Their clever solution was to use WhatsApp for a messaging campaign.

When it comes to social media customer support, the main consideration is the frequency of use by your company. If your customers only use the platform occasionally, you may not need to hire a dedicated team to deal with the issue. Instead, have one or two reps monitor the channel and analyze the platform’s usage patterns.  Conversely, if your company uses social media more frequently, you should commit a dedicated team to handle the issue. If you need to hire overseas talent a PEO Singapore company can help you.

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