How to Clean Your Home Furniture

The first step in cleaning furniture is to remove surface-level dirt. Vacuuming helps to remove surface-level dirt, while using a horsehair brush can loosen deeper-seated dirt. You can also use compressed air to clean crevices. If you’re unsure of the cleaning process for a particular piece of furniture, consult the manufacturer’s care instructions. You may want to hire a professional cleaner if you’re unsure.

When you have a stain on a sofa, it can be tough to remove it with a vacuum. A vinegar solution can break up the stain. Be sure to dilute the vinegar solution and spray a small spot first. You may also want to remove a stain from a couch’s seat cushion before you begin a full-scale cleaning. However, this process may damage non-upholstery portions of the sofa.

If you can’t purchase a sprayer, you can use a bucket and a half teaspoon of dish soap. The mixture is diluted enough to cover a couch without soaking it. You can then use a brush to scrub the stained area. A bucket filled with warm water and a half teaspoon of dish soap will do the trick as well. You should make sure to get plenty of suds before applying the solution to the piece of furniture.

When you clean your furniture, you’re also helping the air quality in your home. Upholstery, for example, can release airborne contaminants that can have a negative impact on the air quality. You can also try using a plant to filter the air inside your home. By regularly cleaning your upholstery, you’ll be extending the life of your furniture. And that’s a good thing, too! After all, it’s not only beneficial for the environment, but it can also help save you a lot of money!

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