How is Hemp different from cannabis? Get to know new cash crops that have medicinal benefits.

Hemp is a plant that has medicinal properties. Hemp has the English name Hemp (CBD shop), the scientific name of Hemp is Cannabis sativa L.subsp. Sativa is in the family Cannabaceae, the same family as cannabis. But a subspecies of Hemp is a traditional plant that grows in the warm regions of Asia. And presumed to have a wide distribution in the central part of the continent from the Caspian Sea to the southern Himalayas and western Siberia. Before spreading to various places, including high-altitude areas.

However, the characteristics of Hemp are tall and slender. Hemp leaf is a single leaf, light green colour. Hemp leaves look like palm shapes. The leaves are lobed, with about 7-11 lobes per leaf, and the blade’s edge is like a saw blade. The tip of the leaf is slender and pointed. Petioles about 7 cm long, hemp flowers will bloom in the axils of the leaves. At the end of the flower bouquet is a small white. About 4 mm in diameter, the hemp fruit is oval. Its surface is smooth; it has brown streaks. The result is a dry grey seed. The seeds contain a large amount of starch and fat nutrients.

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Is Hemp an addictive substance?

Hemp was initially classified as a Category 5 drug under the Narcotic Drugs Act of 1979 because Hemp is a subspecies of cannabis that contains the active substance known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC), which acts on the central nervous system. It makes the addict feel excited, talkative, and always laugh. Therefore, the production, import, export, possession or even consumption will be criminally punished.

But after CBD shop has been unlocked, Hemp is no longer considered a drug. Except for the extract containing more than 0.2% THC, it is still considered a Category 5 drug, so hemp cultivation and use should be aware of the laws in this section.

Cannabis and Hemp, how are they different?

Hemp may outwardly resemble marijuana. Because it is a plant with the exact origin that belongs to the same family but different species, if you look closely, the characteristics of Hemp and cannabis are different.


Hemp leaves are slender. We have arranged further apart from the cannabis leaves. More than a lobe The hemp leaves have about 7-11 lobes, light green. At the same time, marijuana has broad and thick leaves Closely arranged, with about 5-7 lobes and dark green.


Hemp seeds are large. The seed surface is smooth and has some stripes, while the cannabis seeds are more minor. The skin has a shiny appearance.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content

Also, another difference between Hemp and marijuana is. Let’s look at the amount of THC or drunken substances. According to Thai law, if THC is not more than 1% of the leaves or dried inflorescences, it is Hemp (in America, THC is not more than 0.3%), but if there is THC. More than 1% will be cannabis. In the case of extract form, Hemp must contain no more than 2% of THC, so it is not classified as a Category 5 narcotic. CBD shop maintain this level.

The amount of THC in Hemp also depends on the growing environment. Suppose Hemp is grown under unacceptable conditions, such as too-hot temperatures. It can be high in THC and can be classified as marijuana.

CBD (Cannabidiol) content

CBD, or cannabinoids, is a substance that has properties in treating diseases such as reducing pain. Cure insomnia Cure epilepsy, etc., but it does not cause drunkenness. It is not as addictive as THC, which has a higher CBD to-THC ratio than cannabis, with approximately 2% or more of CBD in Hemp, while less than 2. %

This is because Hemp has few substances drunk. Therefore, Hemp is used for other uses rather than the addictive substance that cannabis is.

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